Living In The Past, Present And Future (Part 2)

by Patrick Liew on September 26, 2011

When I think about the past, I’m mindful that there is not a single person – neither amongst the living or the dead – that has only beautiful memories.

In fact, if everything has been going smoothly, there will not be exciting experiences to remember and recall. Memories will just be a record of ‘business-as-usual’ and ‘as-per-normal’ activities.

Sometimes, it is the most difficult times of my life that has given me the best memories.

When I reflect on my past, I cannot help but also recall my frailties, faults, follies, foolishness and failures.

Strange but true, these are experiences – the lessons from which that have become major inspirations for me and others!

I have learned that while I cannot change the past, I can learn from and build on it.

I may not forget a negative experience but I can forget the negative emotions associated with it.

Learning to remove negative emotions and baggages from the past is one of the most important disciplines to achieve success.

The more I remove the pains from the past, the more I will increase the gains in the future.

When I let go of the unnecessary burdens of the past, I will travel easier, better and faster towards a brighter future.

I need to accept and be at peace with my past.

I need to fall in love with the unique blessing of my past so as to love the present and create a brighter future.

If I cannot appreciate the past, I cannot appreciate the future. Contempt of the past will eventually condemn the future.

The past acts like a compass to direct my path to the future. How I make use of it will determine the direction and ultimate destination.

As I reflected on past experiences, I discovered every one of them happened for a higher purpose. I might not be aware of the reason while I was going through them.

I can find meaning and significance in every event, including those that have caused me tremendous amount of pain and sorrow.

When I understand how they fit into an amazing blueprint for my life, I can leverage on them for my success.

These experiences can soften me and make me a more loving, kinder and compassionate person. They humble me and make me a more amicable and approachable person.

I can become a more useful person to the community and world at large.

They can also strengthen me. They can help me develop qualities to be a better leader, entrepreneur and manager.

It enhances my resilience quotient, enabling me to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities in life. I can become more determined and competent to achieve my dreams.

These experiences can also enlighten me to build closer relationship with our Creator. I can become more inspired to help others lead a better life and make our world a better home.

It’s never too late to learn from the past so as to make full use of the present and to enjoy to it.

The sooner I do it, the larger my treasure cove of beautiful memories to inspire me to go farther in my life.

When I choose to turn every negative experience into a positive experience, it becomes another beautiful memory.

When I capitalize on the ‘here and now,’ it will make my tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrows truly count. When I look back to this period of my life, I will be able to recall wonderful memories.

The lessons from the past and vision of the future can be likened to a highway. They connect me from where I was to where I should be in life.

Knowing that my life could come to an end today gives me a sense of urgency to make full use of my time.

I want to capitalize on the past, the present and the future.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we make full use of the past, present and future to enrich our lives?


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