Living It Up

by Patrick Liew on July 16, 2011

“Mr Liew, we’ve played the song for the 28th time now”.

“It’s okay, Cindy, play it again.”

While writing this Love Note at Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, this post-midnight conversation came to my mind again.

I will always remember this discussion.

It happened more than 20 years ago when I first stayed in that hotel. It was past midnight and I was still hard at work trying to complete a project.

Meanwhile, the telephone operator (That was how we used to call them in those days) had played the song, ‘Never Been To Me.’

She broadcasted the song over the PABX (That was an inhouse telephone switching system in the hotel). It was such a beautiful song I had to request for it again and again..

Fortunately, it was way past midnight. Besides, nobody was too bothered about listening to a song over the phone.

In between the songs, Cindy and I shared many good laughs. Subsequently, we became good platonic friends.

Despite the workload and the pressures of meeting a deadline, I had fun that night.

In fact, if I may add, I have always aimed to thoroughly enjoy every bit of my life.

Life is short – and there is no way to have another re-run of our lives. Since most of us know this fact, why aren’t more people enjoying their lives?

Why do we hope for a better future to enjoy our life but we do not try just as hard to enjoy it today?

Sometimes, when we hope for more than what we truly need, it may prevent us from enjoying what we currently have.

Unwittingly, many people sabotage their lives.

They create road blocks to enjoy their lives.

For example, they are too conscious about what others will say about their lives. They also over-worry about other people’s comments.

While I’m concern about addressing major issues in my life, I do not want it to stop me from enjoying my life.

I have learned that I do not have to choose between work and enjoying my life. I can work and enjoy my life – all at the same time.

If I enjoy my life, I can get better results too.

I want to live my life – and continue to enjoy every single moment of it.


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