Managing Stress (Part C)

by Patrick Liew on July 19, 2011

Managing stress do not have to be done alone and be a lonely process.

I should seek wise counsel and surround myself with positive people.

When I was 17 years old and going through a teenage identity crisis, I was glad I attended a course to become a counselor.

While learning how to befriend and offer help to others, I discovered there were many wonderful and clinically-proven counseling skills and techniques.

In the process of applying them, I helped myself through a period of intense struggles in my life.

Although I am not a professional counsellor, I believed counseling can help people with spiritual and emotional difficulties. I have been involved with the setting up of counseling centers and have seen many people being healed by them.

If you are facing difficulties in your life and you are overwhelmed, please do not face it all by yourself. There are many well-intentioned and talented people who are willing to help you.

You can approach professional counselors, medical practitioners, and psychologists.

There are many charity, religious and grassroots organizations that are established to help people cope with challenges in life.

It is also important that you surround yourself with positive people who love and care for you. Make new friends and expand your social network through both online and offline channels.

Maladaptive stress happens when you have a negative perspective about your challenges. As a result, you may draw unhealthy conclusions.

Through wise counseling, you can sort through the issues. It can also guide you in the right direction.

In summary, you do not have to carry the burdens and baggages of life by yourself.

There are people who are willing to share them with you and even help you to unload them.

Stress can be more effectively managed as a team.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we engage others to help us manage our stress?


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