Money No Enough – But Happy.

by Patrick Liew on December 4, 2013

At Learnathon 2013, I challenged everybody to empty their wallet for a good cause.

I challenged participants to leave the auditorium without a single cent
in their pocket.

If possible, walked all the way home and used the time to reflect upon their life.

Most of us could do with a long and deep experience of meditating about ourselves. By doing that, we could take ourselves to a higher level.

Another benefit of such an exercise is to free ourselves from the control of money. It is the greed of money that has caused so many to lose the essence, meaning and purpose of life.

We could also use the exercise to understand in a small way what it meant to be broke.

Hopefully, that would  help us to understand the people who were in a less fortunate position than us. We could develop more love, compassion, and kindness – qualities that would help us to be more successful in life.

Just as importantly, when we could understand how to use money to improve our lives and the lives of others. We would become more passionate about improving our financial literacy.

We could increase our momentum to be rich and wealthy.

Many people were moved to help our Filipino brothers and sisters. They took out every dollar and every cent and donated them to save lives.

I did the same too. (Shucks! I should not have gone to the ATM prior to the event. Just kidding!)

That evening, some of us decided to go to Newton Circus Hawker Centre.

For some of us, it was to catch dinner. The rest were just fat and greedy gluttons – and you know who you were.  Haha!

At one point, it was quite hilarious. None of us had money.

Fortunately, Roger Koh was able to borrow some money and settle the bills.

We found another reason to give away all our money and that was to live on Roger’s generosity and debt. Lol!


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