My HSR ‘Lead The Field’ Business Conference And Gala Nite 2011

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

As I reflected on the above event, I must say this was one of the best organised in our history.

It’s a real pity if you have missed it.

There was everything needed to electrify the attendees with My HSR vision and to empower them with new business opportunites and tools.

The speakers; Mr Jerry Rossi from USA and our homegrown Jeffrey Goh educated all of us on how to take ourselves to a higher level and lead the field.

The Emcees, Ms Chermaine Cho who is a professional and our very own Shane masterfully conducted the exciting programme during the day.

Urban drummers kicked off the day with a rousing welcome for all participants. They presented a colourful and exciting water drums act.

We then joined hands together for a moving moment as we sang the National Anthem and ‘My HSR-It’s About The Heart.’

As the Chief Servant, I shared with one and all my personal dream to make My HSR, a model for the industry and a shining light in society.

 Just as we have seen so many positive changes in the company recently, I am confident there will be many more great changes to take My HSR to a new height.

I hope we will never forget the high-tech laser show that reminded us that we build My HSR on love. We need to love ourselves, love each other, love our customers, and the world at large.

You would probably realize there were small little details that were carried out to enhance the exciting event. For example, we had great music in the background, an electronically-controlled plane to deliver the results for the top winners, and an interesting exhibition in the foyer.

Every participant was given a handbook, detailing the exciting resources in the company. What stood out was the number of My HSR training courses – we are truly #1 in training and coaching.

We introduced many new projects, tools and business resources. Two new apps were launched to take us to the top.

I’m touched by the generosity of our staff and salespersons. Through the auction of the painting and donation, we raised a total of S$7739.05 for our Elderly Outreach.

To close the session, we had a Singapore Idol finalist, Shiro to help us sing ‘My HSR – We Live Our Dreams.’ It was heartwarming to see My HSR Family locked arms together, with their heads held high to aim for their dream life.

The Gala Nite event was graced by Ms Amy Khor, the incoming Minister of State for Health.

Before the door was opened, we had a cocktail session. As we mingle and caught up with friends, we were treated to an exciting array of arts and crafts and cultural displays.

The programme was managed by one of the most popular Emcees in Singapore today, Justin Mission. He brought the roof down – again and again with his wit and humour.

We had Dan Thompson all the way from Australia. He was an impersonator par excellence – as he mimic Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and a male version of Teresa Teng.

We had a wonderful meal, a great lucky draw, and lots of fun.

What was even more exciting – many of you stayed back to dance into the night. I hope to see many more of such great evenings.

I debut my ‘Planking’ act and did an elephant version of ‘Shuffling’. Most people thought this old man fainted and went into a fits.

I hope to party till I’m 140. Please join me until I reach that age – and thereafter, we shall party some more…

It was a nite that would stay in our mind for a long time.

On a personal note, I felt My HSR warm, dynamic and caring culture. I‘m touched by the family spirit.

It rekindled within me the fire that My HSR will blaze a new and stronger trail. We will shine brightly in the market – and, as the theme goes, Lead The Field.




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