Negativity Wears Many Faces

by Patrick Liew on November 24, 2014

It is a disease that can kill:
Not just the physical body,
Not just the soul and the will,
But societies entire.

It is the modern day curse –
Affecting all types of media.
Nothing can be worse
Than the future it brings.

It is a dark cloud descending,
Pervading mind and heart,
Over many areas looming,
A black, contagious shadow.

It is a tsunami of destruction,
Cascading and ravaging,
Bringing damage and depression;
A slippery slope to failure.

It is a parasite that slowly grows,
Taking root and gaining strength,
Feeding off its willing host.
Does it happen to be you?

It is a lens one sees through,
Turning everything dim, forlorn.
Look outside now, what see you?
Is it the candle or the dark?

Negativity is a road you take
It builds itself into habits
It will make you who you are;
Negativity is a choice you make,
Soaring eagle or wallowing hippo –
Which of the two shall you be?


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