On The Road To Success…

by Patrick Liew on May 18, 2017

Learn to become a servant leader. Seek to love and serve others.

If you do not have a heart to love and serve others, you do not qualify and deserve to be successful.

Be mindful of the vision, needs and concerns of the people around you.

Look after their best interests.

Reach out to bring out the best from them and help them live the best of life.

Seek to not only help them go far in life but to also help them carry their burdens.

Continue to value-add to them.

They should be better off with you in their lives than without you.

Whatever you do, don’t do it to satisfy your ego and never be driven by a self-serving agenda.

Serve with humility, and value others above yourself.

Help them achieve their desired outcomes and make them feel that they did it on their own.

Inspire your team mates to believe that they are able to pursue a higher level of achievement and know how to do it even in your absence.

Develop a won-win relationship with them.

The won-win relationship is based on the Golden Rule:

Do to others what you want others to do to you – even before they have done it to you.

Having a won-win relationship means that they must win first before you can win.

They have to be successful before you can be successful.

When you help enough people to be successful, some of them will also help you to be successful.

Focus on the quality of your contributions and not on the quantity of your possessions.

When you have a track record of helping others to succeed, soon you don’t have to chase for success.

Success will chase after you.

As for me, I don’t even seek a win-win but a single-win relationship with others.

As long as they win, I’m happy. I don’t need to win at all.

I aim to be the best number 2 so that the people around me can be number 1.

There’s no desire to pursue any recognitions, rewards and returns for myself.

On my journey in life, I live for our Creator and to inspire others to greatness.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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