Our-Disrupting Disruptions

by Patrick Liew on December 8, 2016

Recognising disruptors not only honour this group of people, it also reminds us to proactively preempt and respond to major changes in the future.


Therefore, we need to continue to reform our educational system because education is the first and last line of defence against disruption.


Unfortunately, the current educational mindset held by many parents, employers and educators may not help students succeed in the disruptive future.

These key stakeholders are somewhat influenced by what educators termed as the human capital model. They tend to over-focus on exams and grades as criteria for good and high-paying jobs and careers.

While students can be developed to become an important part of the economy, they
should also be developed to become more just a resource.

They should undergo holistic, balanced and effective programmes to help them become a moral, wise, responsible and useful person.

In doing so, they will not only become a net contributor to workplaces and the economy but they will also contribute to communities and the society.

In addition, they will be better equipped to
survive not just economic and technological disruptions but also other forms of disruptions, including political, social and environmental disruptions.

Besides strengthening character development and values, we need to also help students learn 21st century skills.

These are skills that can help them develop other skills and also manage and respond to disruptive technologies.

These skills include metacognitive and fluid intelligence skills, leadership and persuasion skills, self-directed learning skills, creative and innovative skills, high-touch and aesthetic skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, emotional and cultural intelligence skills, financial literacy skills, and giving back skills.

The path of excellence in the disruptive future is not algorithmic (following a set pattern) but heuristic (breaking away from a set pattern) to create radical breakthroughs.

Therefore, our students need to continue to learn, improve, and achieve better results.

Therefore, continuous learning – and not just formal education – is the only inoculation to prevent businesses, careers and work from being disrupted, devalued and disintermediated.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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