Paradox Of Life.

by Patrick Liew on March 11, 2013

I went through a humorous situation that got me thinking.

In an informal meeting, a leader was complaining that some people have become ethnocentric and even selfish. The Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) syndrome has reared its ugly head in many quarters of society.

As she was presenting her view, she suddenly blurted, “Boy! The temperature in this room is really cold.”

It probably did not cross her mind that the ducts of the air conditioner was blowing directly at her while the rest of us were not quite feeling the draft.

She immediately picked up the controller and switched the air conditioner off.

My friends and I looked at one another and almost burst out laughing.

It was ironic that at one moment, she was complaining about how others are only looking after their own interests. The next moment, she was only thinking of her own comfort.

To be fair to her, she must have been tired and was not in the best frame of mind. It could also be because she was focusing on the discussion and therefore, did not realize what she was doing.

In any case, I am just as guilty of committing similar actions – and I’m not alone.

We are caught in what I call the Paradox Of Life.

Humanity is known to swing from one extreme to another.

On a smaller scale, every one of us is also capable of switching from one polarity to a diametrically opposite polarity in life.

We complain about a lack of time but we waste time on many unnecessary activities.

We long to be rich but we spend a lot of money on non-essentials.

We know the importance of being healthy but we do not avoid putting junk food into our mouth and are inclined to living a sedentary  lifestyle.

We wish for happiness but we seldom change our attitude or pursue activities to raise our happiness level

We want to be wise but we do not push ourselves to pursue knowledge and apply it diligently in life.

We hope to have more friends but we do not strive harder to become a better friend and stretch out our hands of friendship.

We love to have a happy family life but we hardly spend enough quality time to build it.

We desire job satisfaction and fulfillment but we do not focus on initiating actions and making things happened in our workplace.

We pursue the brightest future but we do not learn vigorously from the darkest past.

We expect others to set their lives right but we are not fully committed to living life in the right way.

We seek deeper meanings and a higher purpose but we are not completely prepared to change and live on a higher plane in life.

Perhaps, the reasons for the paradox are because we do not control our bodies but our bodies control us. We are not masters of our minds, we are slaves to it.

We do not direct our hearts but our hearts direct us. We do not take charge of life – life takes charge of us.

The Bible counsels us to come to a moment of truth. A moment when we must acknowledge that we are not  leading life but life is leading us down a less-than-desired path.

In that moment of truth, we decide to cede control of our lives and invite our Creator to take charge of our lives.

As the Creator of love, He will help us live up to our highest potential. He will help us navigate every unpredictable twist and turn in our lives and through it all, help us live life at its best.

When we choose to walk with our Creator through the journey of life, we will be able to rise up to our highest calling and achieve fulfillment in life


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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