Persevering To Success

by Patrick Liew on June 15, 2011

How did Olivia Lum become the #1 entrepreneur in the world?


I read in the newspaper that Olivia Lum became the first Singaporean and the first woman to win the prestigious World Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

I am so happy for her and wish her continuing success as she takes her company to new heights.

BTW, I was also shortlisted for the same competition. My investment banker probably thought the organizer needed a ‘William Hung’ and recommended me to the expert judges.

I do not know Olivia personally even though I once shared the same dining table with her. Over dinner, I observed her and seeked to learn from her.

Olivia came across as a humble person. Over dinner, she was cracking self-deprecating jokes and was totally comfortable with herself.

Beneath the gentle persona, I could feel her iron will.

If you have read her life story, you will know she went through a difficult childhood. She overcame major odds and challenges to achieve success.

Olivia went through many failures and rejections. She must have gone through feelings of loneliness, sadness, unhappiness, and a host of other feelings that plague all of us in the journey of life.

Olivia did not give up. She persevered until she became the world’s number one entrepreneur in this competition.

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

Life is FUNtastic!

Question: How can we persevere to succeed in life?


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