Recreating The Street Market.

by Patrick Liew on October 12, 2016

Having a “pasar malam” theme park can complement the range of attractions for people living here and guests from overseas.
However, to make the theme park beneficial and sustainable, we have to make it distinctive, affordable for both vendors and visitors, and an ever-improving attraction.

Let’s not replicate models of the
current street markets and the “pasar malam” of old. They have not generally made major improvements and attracted increasing support.

We should also not pattern after well-known street markets in other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. It’s hard to compete with well-entrenched models and not be perceived by consumers as being more of the same.

While there are virtues in maintaining vendors that have evergreen appeals and promoting vanishing trades, let’s be brave enough to redesign the street market framework.

Let’s showcase Singapore as a hub for creativity and innovation by reinventing the “pasar malam” to become a model and another distinctive strength and attraction for the new economy.

As a global city, we can promote the best of cottage industry – from our country and overseas.

Make our street market a mini “Silicon Valley” for ordinary persons to reinvent new senses and sensations.

Introduce new toys, entertainments and pleasures for a bigger crowd and wider variety of participants.

And house these attractions in an environmentally-friendly, heart-moving and crowd-pleasing structure that can negate some of our potential downsides, including our climate, humidity and even seasonal haze.

The street market can also be a place to help our students compete and collaborate with one another, fine tune their work-readiness skills, and experiment with potential business models. They can also help to develop our own fusion food, mixed martial arts, street performances of a new genre, technology-driven games, virtual reality, and arts and crafts.

On a bigger scale, by aiming to disrupt current local and overseas models of the street markets, we can help inspire a new generation to become dream-chasers, change-makers and world-beaters.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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