Reveling In Silence

by Patrick Liew on June 29, 2011

I attended a seminar that started as a strange experience and ended up as being one of the most enlightening events in my life.

The speaker occupied as much time in delivering his talk as he did in keeping silent. There were a lot of pauses – and I mean a lot – and time given for personal reflections.

Finally, the points that he was trying to bring across was not only brought home – it sank deep in my heart.

We are surrounded in life by noises. We have gotten use to them.

Oftentimes, we expect them. We don’t even know how to live without them.

We feel awkward in moments of silence, especially in the process of a conversation. Yet silence – not noise or busyness – is one of the most valuable assets of our life.

It is in silence, we can search our heart and soul. We can find purpose and clarity.

Silence can speak loudest to us about the truths in life. Through silence, we can achieve major breakthroughs.

Silence can be a source of wisdom and great achievements.


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