Serving A High Calling.

by Patrick Liew on October 30, 2013

Sunday, 27 October 2013, 8am. I’m so honoured to be sharing in a church today.

I’ll be reminding the members about the unique gift and talent that our Creator has given to each and every one of us. Obviously, with great strengths comes great responsibility.

We need to use them to serve the church as well as our country, society, the environment, and the world at large.

We serve three noble functions:

1. A prophetic function – we represent God to the people.

If we operate as a human, we perform as a human. We can only achieve whatever a human can achieve.

However, if we operate as God’s ambassador, we can tap His resources. We can perform His divine miracles and do the impossible.

Question: Do we go to work with an employer/employee mindset or with God’s mindset? Herein lies the ‘secret’ to sustainable success.

2. A priestly function – we represent people to God.

We stand in the gap between God and His people. We may not live because of the others but we certainly need to live for their good.

If we do nothing to protect them, their blood is literally in our hands.

As we survey the world as it is today, we cannot touch our hearts and tell ourselves, “We’re proud of and are happy with what we see.” There are so many people out there crying for help.

What are we going to do about it?

The Bible forewarns us that the next person who plead for our help could very well be God Himself. How then should we respond to the people out there who are hungry, thirsty, vulnerable, disadvantaged, sick, and imprisoned…?

3. A kingly function – we are appointed by God to look after His creation.

We don’t just have a global business. We have a universal business.

Since the beginning of time, we have been appointed to look after everything in the universe. We are to look after humans, animals, trees and plants, the environment and everything that has been created by God.

We need to exercise our strengths, gifts and talents to work with God and to manage His wonderful handiwork . We are to right the wrongs and restore His masterpiece.

Aren’t you excited about His high calling?



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