Space For Creativity And Growth

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Space For Creativity And Growth

The Town Council should be commended for taking time to evaluate the issue and giving its resident the approval to continue with the Christmas decoration.

The authorities cannot assume that they have a monopoly of all knowledge and practices, including new developments in the Fourth Wave.

It’s almost impossible to clearly define out-of-bound markers on every key and unconventional initiative.

If such an initiative does not affect safety, stability, security and sustainability of our communities and country, they should spend more time understanding the issues and deliberating over them with key stakeholders before imposing existing or new guidelines on such an initiative.

If the authorities impose these guidelines inappropriately, they may unwittingly or even carelessly stifle creativity of the people, and they may not be able to harness potential and energies of the people to do more and better good.

To make matters worst, if our people believe that there are out-of-bound (OB) markers on every major activity; notwithstanding whether such OB markers are in existence or not, their fears and concerns may hold them back from taking full responsibility and playing their parts to help contribute to betterment of their environment.

In a bigger picture, one of the major currencies of the new economy is creativity and innovations.

Therefore, we have to continue to widen the free space for our people to pioneer new ideas, and prototype and pivot new initiatives so that we can leapfrog our competitors and achieve not just incremental but also radical benefits and results.

We should also encourage more bottom-up and peer-to-peer initiatives do that there’ll be stronger buy-in on the nation-building process and greater participation from all walks of life to improve our economy and society.

On the people’s front, if an initiative does not bring about any adverse negative impacts, they should hold back their beliefs and customs and not impose them on others.

Learn how to live and let live, and allow pioneers to explore new spaces and potentially find added joy and fulfillment to not only the pioneers but also for the people.

New and unconventional initiatives may add positive colours and spices to fabric of society and make Singapore a better home.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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