Thank You Teachers

by Patrick Liew on September 29, 2013

I know today is not Teachers’ Day. Still, there is every reason to remember our teachers and be grateful and thankful for them.

To me, teachers have a tough job.

Unlike most jobs, they invest in human lives and that’s why they cannot detach themselves from their work. They constantly carry in their minds the educational needs and overall well being of their students.

They have to put in their commitment, hearts and minds to do a good job in developing the next generation.

Teachers operate in a noisy, messy and chaotic environment. I cannot imagine trying to work with and control about 40 students in a class and more than 2000 students in a typical school.

In the knowledge-based economy, they are increasingly being put on a spotlight. They are being evaluated by different stakeholders because of the significance of their profession.

With the fast-changing times, there are also inert pressure on them to change and stay relevant. They need to address multifaceted challenges within the classroom and without.

On Saturday, 28 September 2013, I raised a series of questions to a key policy planner cum politician. It was during a dialogue and after a presentation on the latest educational reforms.

The concerns that I have are as follows:

How are we ensuring that the scope and pace of change can be implemented in such a way that teachers can adapt and adjust accordingly?

How can we develop teachers’ capacity, ability and agility to handle stress and cope with changes?

How can we alleviate teachers’ administrative and operational duties so that they can better focus on their students?

How can we ring fence teachers from overly- demanding parents and unreasonable expectations?

I believe we can do more to enhance their image, professional dignity, and respect. I’m confident that our government and community will continue to accord to them due recognition and an important place in society.

Every one of us should continue to encourage teachers by sending them ‘Thank You’ notes and supporting them.

During the above seminar, Dr Ng Pak Tee, an educational leader shared with us a beautiful metaphor and I really loved it.

He said that teachers are like tree planters.

They plant trees so that the next generation can enjoy the shade.

Many people may not remember who planted the trees but they will be thankful for them. They can benefit from and enjoy the fruits and other parts of the trees.

Long after the tree planters have moved on, trees can play an important part in our community and environment. They can make our lives better and help provide for a brighter future.

Thank you teachers.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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