The Child In You

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

The Child In You

A hearty laugh pokes through the silence
Breaking a brand new day to a great start
That is the mirth of a happy child
That inspires the heart.

How come a child, carefree and glee
Wears the countenance of someone happy
Is it because her world is shielded
By parents who safeguard her from harm and worry?

Even as we age, the child within
Can and must still exist
After all, are we not all children
Of a loving Father in Heaven?

Faith and trust in Him
Keeps our inner child alive
Our Father will never leave us alone
To suffer beyond what we can bear.

Oh what price would you pay
To have the heart of a child again
Growing up life has been marred
With problems and troubles that never depart.

Still, go ahead and try
Laugh out loud, chatter, and cry
Be like a child even if you carry
A heavy load and responsibility.

Pause for a friendly banter
Play, dance, in carefree abandon
Keep negative thoughts in the dungeon
Always wear a happy disposition.

Life’s too short to frown and worry
Or to fight over things that are petty
Keep the child alive in you
And your life will be happier, this is true.

Surround your life with love from children
So pure, abundant, and true
You will realise how much richer
A life well lived, by the child in you.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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