The Current Of Life

by Patrick Liew on May 5, 2014

Transitory beings
On paradise Earth
We all are
At death’s beck and call
Today we live
Tomorrow we’re gone
Today the sun kisses our face
Tomorrow, darkness.
Each day we extend
Is the Creator lending His breath.
As certain as the setting sun
Death comes to us all
Through the veil we all shall pass
At His bidding.

Pity those who
Squander their time
Half-alive, half-living
Neither there nor here
Spending time idling
With no purpose to live by
No mission to serve
They are dead while yet living.

Tis not the fear of death that must grip our heart
But the fear of dying without having fully lived
For when we are gone
What will we be remembered by?
Would we have served our purpose?
Would we have become better
Than the circumstances to which we were born?
Would we have lived so that others may live?
Would we have lived life fully ?
Savouring, Cherishing, Celebrating each moment
Mere existence does not justify
The gift of each new day.

The fact of death as part of life
Must shake us up and electrify
Every fibre of our being!
Must rouse us from sleep
To conquer each day
With what is truly worth living.

Hasten! Move forward!
Do what we must to purposely live
Time is blithely passing us by
It’s over and gone too soon.
Live for what is worth dying for
Surrender ourselves to selfless service
In losing we gain
In giving we receive
More than what we had given.

While we yet live
Make amends, correct the wrongs
Our time on earth is too short
To be marred with differences and being cross.
Each day write a sweet story
In our own Book of Remembrance
To bless our posterity
With inspiration and learning.

Death is the pathway to eternity
The certainty of its coming like a beacon at sea
That bids us back home to our Creator.
Shall we fear death? Nay.
Instead live fully
Tomorrow the current of life may turn
And our time on earth may all be spent
Would we have lived life in full
Creating memories and ties
That tell us, it’s been a great life
To a better one, time to sojourn!

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


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