The Drama Of Life

by Patrick Liew on January 11, 2015

If life was a drama
It would have no dress rehearsals
The time to act is now
The time to be kind is now
The time to serve is now
The time to love is now
The time to be the greatest you can be
Is now.

I pray thee
Help me to help you
Be all these, and more
Because if life was a drama
And you and I were actors
I would like to play
These Seven Roles
In your life:

The Dream-Maker
Is there a dream in your heart
Worth pursuing?
Is there a labour worth doing?
Before the sun goes down
I bid you, come!
Push along
That dream is never far
That ember of hope will soon ignite
To fireworks that colour the sky!
Let me be your dream-maker
Let’s make and share magic together.
Let me touch you with positive light,
So we both part ways
Better off than before.

The Bondage-Breaker
Be unfettered
From the shackles clutching at your feet
Break free
From the heavy bondage of your past
I bid you
Get up, run fast!
I invoke the Creator’s power and authority upon me
To heal your past hurts
To release you from the prison
Of both mind and soul
So you can bask in the glory of life
Emerge triumphant, dignified!

The Win-Relationship Builder
Your joys are my joys
Your success is my success
I’m after a win-relationship
It’s a one-way street, yes
You don’t need to make me win, too.
It’s enough for me that you live well
For yourself and for others
There is joy in me in helping you
For when I face my last sunset in life
I know I have made a positive difference
And that is all I ever want to do
In my mortal probation.

The Catalyst Of Greatness
You are greatness in embryo
This, I want you to see
Live life as it should be
Waste not a moment
Make no delay
Unleash your greatness within!
Live a great life
Full of purpose and meaning
Let me help you realize
The greatness to which you are destined!

The Value-Multiplier
Have I done any good in your life today?
Have I helped you meet your need?
Have I ushered you to succeed?
If not I have failed indeed!
My gifts and strengths
My advantages and influence
Amount to nothing
If I don’t use it to help you
Succeed personally and professionally.
So let me add value to your life
Let me help you live better!

The Memories-Creator
To the end of my mortal probation
Shall I have created enough good memories?
How do I want to be remembered
By those whom I have left behind?
Oh what tragedy life will be!
If we but lived for a short memory
So let me create memories with you
Til we have an over-spilling treasure trove
That we can draw from day to day
Wonderful memories to inspire your day.
Until through the veil, you too, shall pass
Until our great reunion day!

The Evangelist Of Love
Let me lose myself in loving you
For it is the way I gain myself back
To love is to dispel the most powerful force
It is making the better choice.
Let me enjoin you in a circle of love
Let’s search the lost
Reach out to the last
And succour the least.
Let me make you the heroes and heroines
In this, the drama of life.

For when the curtain falls
I’d take a view from the bleachers
Await for the applause
A standing ovation
My life an oblation.
The glory not be mine
As I watch you take a bow
Then I make my final exit
Back to my Creator’s arms
When He will say
“Well done, you served me well, my child.”
And that sums up my role
In the drama of life.

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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