The Dream Maker

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

The Dream Maker

A dream is a preview to a story already etched
A craft in your heart that’s wired
To pass all the tests.

To tap that dream
Is the first step
To cross that stream
Will be next.

Dare to catch that train
And trace the tracks
Go beyond space and time
And try your luck
A new reality awaits
For the dreamer that knows
How to re-create.

The outline of a future
This only needs your nurture.

A dream is the mind’s freedom
From fear and worry
A light that dispels
Darkness and fury.

A compass that follow the lines
Of the Creator’s designs.

To dream is to live,
Each moment, we unpack
Pieces of the future that cannot stop.

So let the mind be the home
Of dreams far bigger than a dome
Boundless and full of greatness.

Pick one each day
To fill up the moments along the way
It’s ok if you choose small
For as long as you fix it right
Before the sunset falls.

It may come as a surprise
Tomorrow is another blessing in disguise.

The key to dream is to do the dream.

To continue building is to keep on living.

One after another, it gives brightness
Like every day in spring.

So never stop weaving
For dreamers are always redesigning
For a world full of light beings.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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