The Two Hats Of An Entrepreneur

by Patrick Liew on November 17, 2015

As I was approaching the Immigration Counter, I couldn’t help studying how an officer was repeating the same announcement. 
“Please take out your computer and iPad. Remove your shoes. Belt off please.” 

I smiled and told her, “You have a tough job. Thanks for the hard work.” 

She smiled in agreement, obviously pleased that a passenger has taken noticed of her and and shown his appreciation. 

I asked her, “Why don’t your airport authority record the announcement and broadcast it in different languages to make your job easier. It’ll make the communication more effective too.” 

Her immediate reply, “Yup! They should do it.” 

As she waved me to move forward, I noticed that she went back to her usual ritual. 

I was quite sure the thoughts of improving the system must have passed her mind. However, for reasons best known to her, she stuck on with the usual routine. 
In my training and mentorship programmes, I’ve always told my students to put on two different hats to do well in life and work. 

The two hats are – be a problem solver and a solution provider. 

They should aim to be a value plus and to exceed other people’s expectation. 

Deliver more values and run the extra miles for them. 

And build a track record for helping others to succeed in life. 

As a result, they will always be a desired and respected member of any organisation, community and society. 

I encourage my students to put on the two hats all the time and not only when they are at work or being assigned a task. 

By doing that, they will continue to improve their values quotient (VQ) and strengthen their performance and results. 

Just as importantly, they should also plan how they can value-add to others in the future. 

They should constantly ask themselves: 

“What are tomorrow’s problems we need to start resolving today? 

“What are tomorrow’s opportunities that we need to start capitalising on today?” 

By value-adding to whatever they set out to do and to the people around them, they can achieve a higher quality and more sustainable results. 
Better still, if they can provide massive amount of value-additions, they can attract greater opportunities and success to themselves. 

So, why don’t you put on the two hats right now and look around for ways to value-add to others? 

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.
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