To The Unsung Heroes – Thank You!

by Patrick Liew on July 16, 2018

To The Unsung Heroes – Thank You!

As we celebrate The festive seasons, my heart goes out to many unsung heroes who are working for us throughout the public holiday.

They ensure that society continues to function and the economy is kept humming.

As we sleep in the comfort of our bed, they keep our streets safe and secure. They ensure that we can celebrate and continue our daily activities.

Many of them are in a standby mode in case of an emergency. They are operationally-ready to respond to a call for action.

Some are prepared to face great risks to keep the streets safe and our country secure.

Past experience has shown us that they could be injured and they may even lose their lives.

Somewhere out there on our coastal waters, they are patrolling murky nooks and corners.

They protect our maritime facilities and ensure a safe passage through our waterways.

As we celebrate and go about our daily affairs, they support the smooth running of the things around us.

We can sometimes take many of the values that we enjoy on a daily basis for granted.

While we enjoy our life, these workers labor away.

They man the shops and keep food and beverage outlets open to serve us.

Some of them have to work around the clock for us. They work on unpopular shifts and odd hours so that we can live our life properly.

They may be working all alone and under challenging conditions.

Many of them would miss their lovers and families and they may prefer to do the things we are doing during this period but they chose to work for us.

In many homes today, a child is pining for her father to return.

“A few more hours more,” assured her mother, “Daddy has to work.”

Another child is on the phone with his mother, “Mummy, please come home to me.”

These people, including foreign workers, are making things work for us.

They are some of the unsung heroes that we may never know and perhaps never meet in our lifetime.

Be grateful and show your appreciation to them for what they are doing for us.

Thank you one and all!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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