Tragedy At Tampines.

by Patrick Liew on January 31, 2013

I am still feeling sad and disturbed about the accident at Tampines where a family lost two sons.

I was at the funeral wake and words could not describe the feelings that went through me and, I’m sure many many others who were there.

My heart goes out to the family during this difficult time of bereavement and adjustments.

My prayer goes up for them to find strengths to cope with the tragedy and resilience to press on. They will have the wisdom to reconstruct their lives and build on their future.

I humbly request all of us  to be sensitive to and respect the private space of the family, especially on cyberspace.

To all fellow drivers, please drive safely. At all times, practice defensive driving and proactively preempt and prevent risks and dangers.

Let us not put another life at risk and another family in grief.

If you are a pedestrian or using the roads for whatever other purposes, please put safety first. Watch out for others and let us help to prevent another tragedy from happening again.

This morning, I told my ‘baby’ to be careful, obey the traffic lights and take all precautionary measures to be safe and sound.

I told her, “Daddy wants to see you home tonight and throughout my life.”

Thank you for reading.


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