Transforming Your Business For Explosive Growth (3)

by Patrick Liew on August 19, 2019

Transforming Your Business For Explosive Growth (3)

Entrepreneurship is not just a cultivated mindset. It is also an enforced discipline and a vigorous approach to life.

The Germans and Dutch shared two basic meanings for entrepreneurship.

The Dutch term for an entrepreneur is “ondernemer,” someone who is a pioneer, innovator, or an adventurer.

1. Breaking New Ground

In that sense, entrepreneurs are no different from many reformers, revolutionaries, and rebels with a cause.

They have great foresight, courage, and self-confidence.

And took upon themselves to complete a challenging venture or task.

They first develop their visions internally and then turn the visions into a reality externally.

They saw outcomes in their minds before they achieve them in real life.

Entrepreneurs are characterized by their capacity, ability, agility, versatility, and tenacity to plan and turn the plan into tangible actions.

They calculated their risks and muster the courage to step into virgin terrains and chart the paths through new territories.

Their self confidence has been developed through undergoing different experiences, including failures and rejections.

They learned to go and grow through these stumbling blocks and use them as stepping stones for growth and better achievements.

1. Turning Dreams Into A Reality

The second basic meaning of entrepreneurship is derived from the Dutch verb “ondernemen.”

It referred primarily to the proactive effort in starting an operation and running it independently.

Entrepreneurs know that they have to be responsible and be accountable to others and to themselves.

They cannot be in self-denial and avoid reality because they bore the risks of an entrepreneurial project.

That’s why being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely job.

A true entrepreneur believes that there will be great rewards, satisfactions, and fulfillment in the future.

They showed initiatives and resourcefulness and are proactive in capitalizing on opportunities.

At the same time, they have the vision, competence and grit to make things happened.

Living an entrepreneurial life is not a short sprint but a long distance race.

Entrepreneurs foster passion and perseverance to achieve both short- and long-term visions and finish a worthwhile race.

Through commitment, discipline and determination, they develop the stamina to stay the course and up the game.

Throughout the race, they strengthen their capacity and competence to overcome more and bigger challenges.

They develop resilience to leverage on adversities and failures to achieve greater successes.

What seem to be setbacks are but feedback and experiences to guide them.

These roadblocks are just lessons to help them find an easier, faster and better way to achieve desired outcomes.

Every entrepreneurial action or even attempt at entrepreneurship can help them continue to improve their entrepreneurship quotient and chances and rate of success.

Perseverance helps them attain excellence in their pursuits and achieve major accomplishments in life.

It is a vital part of the entrepreneurial toolkit for achieving sustainable success.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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