Watching Out For Wolves

by Patrick Liew on July 10, 2011

Many years ago, a talented young man approached me to help him start a training business. Out of the goodness of my heart, I let him use my office temporarily.

This young man was brought up by a prominent community leader. He graduated from a reknown university and was absolutely charming.

Truth be told, I was ‘mesmerised’ by him. Shortly after, I had a shock of my life.

He was trying to pull off a scam.

The con job was so simple – it was almost hilarious. And many people were taken in by it.

He advertised for ‘high-level directors’ to be positioned in the USA.

This was followed by a series of ‘job interviews’ and ALL the candidates were ‘successful’.

To cut a long story short, to be ‘selected’, these ‘ candidates’ have to place a ‘refundable deposit’ so that the ‘company’ can process their applications for the necessary ‘work permits’.

Fortunately, I got wind of it in time and reported him to the police. Unfortunately, the victims were just happy to get back their money.

One of them told me, “I will not stand as a witness in court. It will embarrass me and my loved ones.

“If it becomes public information that I have been conned – and so easily, it may jeopardize my career”.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.



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