Who Should You Vote For In GE 2015

by Patrick Liew on August 30, 2015

As we face the upcoming General  Election, we need to think through how we should vote and ensure that we choose the right candidate to be a Member of Parliament (MP).

Instead of determining specific attributes, perhaps we should look at the purpose and outcomes of the qualities needed for such a noble position in Singapore. These qualities can be broadly categorised into 4 areas.

Commitment. We need an MP that is totally committed to serve the people. He has to be strong enough to respond to growing expectations from Singaporeans and help manage the complexities of positioning Singapore in a globalised community.

Character. The candidate should be able to command our admiration and respect. We need an MP that will be able to unite the people and help to harness our energy to build a better future.

Competence. As the MP holds an important key to fine tuning and approving policies that will shape our society and future, he must be professional and courageous enough to stand up against the other leaders and the government if need be to advance the interest of the people. To do so, he must be experienced and wise in managing complex socio-economic matters. Being the head of a constituency, he must also be adept at handling community, national, and international affairs.

Compassion. We need an MP who has a heart for the people. Shaking hands and carrying babies should not just a public relations exercise. He must be responsive to the needs of the people and be able to take initiatives to help improve our quality of life.

More than anything else, he must work with the government to look after the poor, needy and disadvantaged in our midst. This is to ensure that nobody in our country will be left behind as we progress as a nation.

We need to set our standards high and be objective, balanced and pragmatic as we exercise our rights to vote.

Vote wisely for the sake of our future.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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