Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, There Would Not Be A Thriving Singapore.

by Patrick Liew on March 23, 2015

I was born during the hard times, a period of turmoil and civil unrest in the history of Singapore. 

Our people were poor, mostly  uneducated and of migrant stock. We had low fiscal reserves and hardly any natural resources. 

At that point, the political masters were not known to serve our best interests. 

Whatever the revisionists are telling us today, I’m a living witness of the power that communists and other dissidents wield on the streets. They were also not afraid to use it to fulfill their negative cause. 

They could very well have destroyed us. Many toxic leaders had done that to their country throughout the passage of time. 

When Mr Lee and his team came on the scene, they did not have much power and other resources. Life was tough for them and for that matter, the country. 

It took a man of courage and street smartness to turn the tide. An iron hand to restore stability and engineer growth for our economy and society. 

It took a strong leader to galvanize the energy of our people and channel it in the right direction and build on a dream. 

He led a great team through many challenges and it spoke volumes of his leadership, vision and competence.

Together with the other great leaders, he turned a little red dot into one of the most admired countries in the world. 

Even though political power was prone to abuse, they ensured that Singapore was free from the clutches of a corrupted and inefficient government. 

Singapore’s miraculous transformation from a third world- to a first-world country today is a testament of their planning abilities, execution, and perseverance. 

Mr Lee was a man of our time and he led us out of the pits. Along the way, he made many sacrifices for our nation. 

He is not perfect but his contributions have made a positive difference to our future. I can’t think of another leader that could have done the same for us. 

He is respected by many in different quarters of society, including other great leaders and politicians.

If you travel all over the world, you would realise that Singapore is widely respected and modeled after. 

Leaders from many parts of the world travel to Singapore to live, work, play, and learn from the Singapore Way.

It’s a pride and joy to say, “I am a Singaporean.” 

For that, my friends and I are grateful and thankful for what this great man had done for all of us. 

R.I.P Sir.


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