Being Playful In Life

by Patrick Liew on July 2, 2011

I am a fun-loving person.

Recently in a class for new real estate agents, a few latecomers were streaming in, one at a time. I had planned to have some fun that day.

I conspired with the class to play a harmless prank on one of the latecomers.

Upon my signal, the class stood up and practiced a special breathing technique.

A few pre-chosen participants stood facing the class – together with the latecomer – to carry out my instructions. (You can imagine it’s not an easy exercise).

I then asked the latecomer to practice in front of the class on the pretext that he must know how to do it correctly. The class was controlling their laughter because he was so funny when he did it. 

Finally, I said to the class, “This is how our wives should breath before delivering the baby. Let’s continue our love, sex and marriage class.”

You should see the look on the latecomer’s face before the class burst out laughing (including the latecomer).

The last laugh was between me and the latecomer. It was all pre-arranged by us when I knew this fellow-joker would be late for the class.

I believe it is important and healthy for me to smile, laugh, and have fun as often as I can.

Obviously, I will ensure the fun is not at someone’s expenses and if possible, the joke should be on me.

Someone once wisely counseled, ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously. Nobody make it out alive anyway.’ J

Truth be told, there are too many people who are overly-sensitive and are unable to let their hair down to have a good time.

I hope, in my own small ways, to be able to spread joy and laughter. I want to make our world a happier place.

With your help, we can turn our life into one big happy party. FUNtastic!



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