Improving Through Market Research

by Patrick Liew on July 2, 2011

Many years ago, as part of our marketing research, I wanted to find out how our competitors were running their recruitment seminars.

I sent one of my managers to observe one of them. He came back excitedly and told me, “Patrick, you should invest in a smoke machine and purchase a laser system.

“After being introduced in our seminar, you should run from the back of the room with thunderous music in the background.

“There should be smoke effects and laser beaming everywhere to create a magical environment.”

I almost fell off my chair.

My response was, “I have a great respect for my fellow competitor. But there was no way I could do what he did – or do it better than him.”

I would probably get lost in the smoke. Tripped and crashed into an attendee – with the music and laser effects enhancing the horror of the moment.

Ambulance would be called. Police might appear. The press could have a field day. J

If I am not that person, I will not copy him. I should improve on what others have done and be the best me.

There are no values in copying – only in improvements. I am glad I did that and have achieved better results in life.


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