Applying The Law Of Attraction, Version 2.0

by Patrick Liew on July 1, 2011

As I came from a poor family, I had to do different jobs during my school days to earn extra pocket money.

That is the good side of child labour – without it, I may not have enough pocket money to live properly. 

During some school vacations, I would work for my unforgettable grand aunt. I will always remember her because at every lunch time she would eat a bowl of rice.

Nothing strange about that – except that she would pour a bottle of Guinness Stout over the rice before she ate it. 

My grand aunt ran a dinghy stall in Sungei Road. In the old days, there was a flea market in that area and it was also known as the Thieves Market.

If you loose the right hubcap of your vehicle, you can buy one at the Thieves Market for a fraction of the price. You don’t even have to wait for long.

After you have fitted the hubcap, when you go to the other side of your vehicle, guess what? The other hubcap may be missing. J

At the Thieves Market, I got to know many ethical, honest and interesting hawkers. They struggled to eke out a living by offering different wares and services.

Many of them were successful.

I remember a 17 year old school boy from Beatty School who supported his family by selling second hand shoes. He made more than $1000 per month and it was considered as a princely sum of money during those days.

It was then that I started to formulate my version of the Law of Attraction:


What You Get In Life

Depends On

What You Desire, Deserve And Do.


My success does not just depend on my IQ or EQ but also on my DQ. DQ stands for desperation quotient.

The more desperate I am to achieve my dreams and goals, the faster I will turn them into a reality.

Desire alone is not good enough. I must deserve to enjoy the fruits of success.

I must learn and cultivate the right knowledge, attitude, skills and habits (KASH) to achieve success.

Finally, I must do the things that need to be done. That’s the difference between successful people and the others – ACTION.

I know if I do nothing, I will achieve nothing.

Once I have crafted my plan, strategies, and required activities, I must take massive action. In My HSR, we say, ‘Go4It!’



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