Blessing Others To Live The Best Life

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

March 29, 2010

When I adopted ‘Chief Servant’ as a title, it created a lot of controversies.

Sometimes, it is good to have controversies. It forced me to think and hopefully, to have more clarity. 

Many friends told me the title will make others take advantage of me and my colleagues and abuse us.

Unfortunately, there are people who have done just that and I suspect they will do it regardless. I hope they will realize it will not do them any good to treat people with disrespect.

In my working life, I am very blessed to have carried many titles, including Chairman, President, Regional Director, Managing Director etc. for both multinational and local organizations. My experience tells me that we have an over-emphasis on positions and an unhealthy pursuit of power.

I believe it is not the title that makes a person. It is the person that makes the title. I should always earn the rights and priviledges of the title and live up to the highest calling of that position.

The highest calling of a leader is to serve others. That’s why the traditional title for a person who works in the government is civil servant. The root word of a minister is that of a servant. My chosen title, Chief Servant reminds me of this value.

I want to earn the right to lead through my personal and not positional authority. (I know you will not willingly follow me just because I am the CEO).

I want to use my life and not just my lips to win your trust, respect, affection and loyalty. I want to love and serve you to be the best you can be. Only when you are a winner then can I be a winner in life.

For me to win, you must win first. That’s the essence of a win win relationship.

On a company level, I endeavour to unite My HSR Family. I want to ensure synergy between one another and help you leverage on effective systems. Together, we will achieve our win-win shared vision.

I believe if I don’t have a heart to love and serve all of you, I don’t qualify to be a leader. It’s about giving and not getting. It’s about service and not self-glory.

That’s why I have crafted my personal mission in the form of a question so that it will be a constant check on myself.

I ask myself daily, ‘How can I appreciate even more of God’s love and use it to serve others?’

Please help me to be a better servant-leader.


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