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by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

March 22, 2010

I want to ‘boast’ to all of you about my outstanding achievement in the real estate industry. It happened – would you believe – right in the first year of my being a real estate advisor.

I broke an all-time business record. And my achievement has never been surpassed even until today.

If you ask any of your friends in the industry, “Should I fail, how much money will I lose in this business?”

Most agents will lose a few hundred dollars. Some of the not-so-smart ones will lose a few thousand dollars. The worst are those who lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Within 12 months of joining the industry, I did not lose a four-figure or even a five-figure worth of money. I lost more than $100,000 worth of money. And by the way, the first digit is not even ‘1’!

I will not reveal to you how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I lost. Suffice to say, I have never met another agent who has lost more money than me.

I believe (drum roll please),

I Am The #1 Failure In The Real Estate Industry. 

This achievement is not just a record in Singapore. As I travelled all over the world and as I taught agents from more than 20 countries, I would find out about the worst failures in the industry. I believe I am not only the #1 failure in Singapore but I am also, possibly,

The Greatest Failure In The Real Estate World Of All Times. 

I am sharing with you because I hope you will never fail worst than me. Promise? I want to lay claim to being The #1 Failure until the end of my life.

The reason I failed badly was – here’s where I could blame the whole world, justify, and give lots and lots of excuses but the truth is – I thought I knew it all.

I had the audacity to believe I knew what it took to succeed in this business.

I thought at that point in time, since I was previously a consultant and I have helped many government agencies, multinational companies and high nett worth individuals to succeed, being successful in the real estate profession would be a piece of cake.

I did not really learn the trade.

I did not discipline myself to be an effective advisor.

I did not take the correct actions.

I did not continue to improve myself.

That’s why I deserve to fail.

It is sad but true I am not the only advisor with such an attitude. There were many advisors in the past and there will be many more advisors in the future that will be like me.

They will stay in their comfort zone and will not want to change and improve themselves.

I have learned that for me to improve my results, I need to review my actions. I need to improve what I have done and the way I did it so as to improve my final results.

I am but a result of yesterday’s choice. And what I will be tomorrow is the result of today’s decisions and actions.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson, albeit a painful one. I will do everything possible to make sure I do not walk the same path again.

As a result of my personal failures, I have done everything within my means to make sure you have a better chance to succeed than me.

I hope you will learn more about My HSR, read My HSR e-Love Letters, and find out how to make full of everything we have set up for you in My HSR so as to help you achieve the next level of success.

I want you to be a part of the next generation of top achievers in the industry. I hope the advisors of the future will point to you and say,

“(Your Name) belongs to the generation that revolutionizes the real estate industry. He/She is a professional who paved the way to champion consumers’ best interests. He/She enhanced the image and standards of the industry. And became a model for the business community.”

I pray for your everyday. I have lots of hope on you.


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