Living My Highest Calling

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

March 15, 2010

In 1992, I was standing alone in the office at about 10pm. I was looking out of the office at the reclaimed land which eventually became a part of the Marina Bay.

When the agent found me the office, she sold me on the beautiful sea view. Little did both of us know the Government had embarked on a massive reclamation project.

The government did such a great job. Shortly, the sea view became largely a reclaimed land view. At the rate the reclamation was going, I told my friends in Australia, I would eventually be able to drive to Australia. J

That night, as I stood all alone and looking at the fast-changing landscape, my heart was very troubled. I just had an epiphany – a light bulb, as they say, had just enlightened my mind.

I was running the regional operation of a reputable multinational company. I was well-paid, given almost total freedom in my job, and managing many exciting projects.

But I had become unhappy.

I realized my job was leading me to a dead end. I was never ever going to achieve true financial freedom.

True financial freedom, to me, included money, time, lifestyle and contribution freedom. I would never have all the money and all the time to do all the things I wanted to do.

More importantly, I would never have contribution freedom. I would never have the freedom to give back more to society, to put right the many wrongs in our world, and to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

My job and my company would always limit and prevent me from making my dreams come true. They have become my prison – and it’s more frightening than the prisons with bars and locked doors.

I decided to ‘sack’ my boss.

I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Traditional businesses did not excite me because I needed to support an office and carry fixed overheads on a monthly basis.

More importantly, most businesses can hardly make me a millionaire.

I wanted to provide a service that met a basic need. I wanted to market a product that was demanded and a treasured asset of families, businesses and organizations. The market should be a large, profitable and growing one.

I wanted to be in a business where the sky is the limit. I could network with high nett worth individuals and build relationships with different kinds of people. I should have full control of my time to earn as much money as possible. And at the same time, enjoy a great lifestyle.

At that point in time, I chanced upon two interesting reports. One of them was a salary survey by a local university. I was surprised to find that real estate agents could make more money than doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and many other professionals.

I saw another report by The Straits Times about millionaires in Singapore. In that report, 90% of all millionaires became millionaires directly or indirectly because of real estate.

When I did my survey, I discovered that the standard of the real estate industry was not high. When I saw a profitable industry coupled with average standards, one huge word stood out in my mind – lighted, multi-coloured and flashing…




I jumped into the business full-time, head on, and with every part of my being. I buried all the roads behind and around me, except the road to take me to real estate success.

Even though I did not plan to be a real estate advisor – or even dreamed of becoming one – I believed I have found my calling. I would never exchange this great profession for any other profession.

I have seen many people in this business became millionaires within a short period of time. It has helped many to not only achieve true financial (money + time + lifestyle) freedom, it has also given them contribution freedom, the freedom to give to their loved ones and the needy around them.

As real estate advisors, we can donate thoughts, time, talent and treasure (including money) to give people a better life and to make our world a better home. We can live our highest calling.

I am happy and proud to be a real estate advisor.


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