Capitalising On Challenging Times

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

In the month of August 2010, many in our industry would say we are hit by a double whammy. For me, we are blessed by a double wonder.

The Ministry Of National Development introduced the proposed Estate Agents Act 2010 on 16 August 2010. Many saw it as a millstone around our neck. I saw it as a cornerstone for my success.

On 30 August 2010, the Singapore Government introduced new measures to maintain a stable and sustainable property market. For many, it will be a burden to operate in the market. I saw it as a blessing to dominate the market.

The Chinese character for crisis comprises of two words. 危 means danger and 機 means opportunities. Amidst any risks and dangers, there will always be opportunities.

In times of major changes to soften the market, there will be major opportunities to succeed in whatever I target.

My HSR has always thrived and grown during challenging times.

Our company was started in 1980 during an economic and property downturn. Within a short period of time, we became the largest real estate firm that pays our advisors on a basic allowance plus commission basis.

During the first economic recession after Singapore’s independence in 1986, My HSR penetrated the HDB sector and became a leader in it. We became a company that covers every key sector of the real estate market.

When the Gulf War started in 1991, we went international. Shortly after that, we became #1 for selling overseas properties.

In 1999, at the throe of the Asian Crisis, we initiated an alliance of more than 10 different companies and more than 50 different groups of agents. We made a name for ourselves.

In 2003, SARS hit Singapore and our bottomline. We were virtually destroyed.

However, like a phoenix, we rose from the ashes. We took the market by storm.

HSR became ‘The #1 Real Estate Company’ (MLMIA), ‘The Largest Real Estate Company’ (Singapore Book of Records) and the most productive real estate company (according to ROE, Singapore 1000/SME 500 Study).

The greatest challenge has nothing to do with anything around me. It has to do with what goes on in my mind.

For example, two persons looking out of the same window, one can see the beautiful moon, the other can only see mud. If you show the same donut to two persons, one can see the donut, the other can only see the hole.

The battle begins and ends in my mind. That’s where success or failure starts and ends.

 It’s an insider job. Therefore, I will protect my mind at all costs.

 If I am defeated internally, nothing in the world can help me. On the other hand, if I believe our Creator wants me to succeed, nothing in the world can stop me.

So, do you see major changes as problems or as opportunities?

How I see the major changes will determine what they will be to me. My perception of life and business will determine my performance and results.

It is not about the property situation but my proactive action.

To see opportunities, I must run away as far and as fast as possible from negative turkeys and energy vampires.

Negative people will always grumble, grouse and gripe whether it is good or bad times. I will not let them poison my mind and suck my energy. They should never affect my potential, performance and possibilities.

There is a saying, ‘Whatever you sow, that shall you reap.’ If I sow seeds of failure, I will reap failure. However, if I plant and grow success, I will reap success.

I must change my mindset to change my skillset. I must improve my attitude to improve my altitude.

I must take massive action – to overcome the passive reaction – and turn the pitfalls to platforms for success.

At any point in time – good or bad – there will be people who will become wealthy. At any time in the economic or property cycle, there will be opportunities to be successful. There will be property transactions – and money to be made.

I can choose to be a victim or a victor. I can decide to triumph or trip over the potholes and pots of gold in life.

I have decided I will capitalise on the tremendous opportunities ahead of me. I will go and grow through these exciting times.


As in past challenges, our competitors will:

  • Freeze                          (“I don’t know what to do),
  • Flee                               (“I better run away”),
  • Float                              (“I will keep doing the same things”),
  • Flip – Flop                   (“I will do this … and maybe, I will try this… and also do that … and go into
                                           this new  business…), or
  • Fear For The Worst  (“I dare not do it,” “I will not do it,” “I cannot do it”).

In the days ahead, I plan to
                                               list more,
                                                                    sell more,
                                                                                     recruit more, and
                                                                                                                      earn more.

I aim to do more, improve more, achieve more, and enjoy more.

I am committed to invest
                                                more time,
                                                                  more money, and
                                                                                                   more energy

to capitalise and leverage on the major changes.

I will offer
                  more values,
                                       more advantages, and
                                                                                 more benefits

to you and to all my valued advisors and clients.

It does not matter what the market size is, this is the best of times to eat up market share.

 This is the best of times to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the field – right now, right here!

This is the best of times to rise up and be a loving and respected real estate leader.

Will you join me and do the same with your life?


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