In This Coming Year…

by Patrick Liew on January 2, 2015

As a visual person, there are images I find hard to shake off from my mind.

An elderly person sitting alone and staring blankly into the sky. Child-soldier holding on to a weapon and smiling into the camera.

Hungry-looking woman carrying a baby with bones sticking out just below the skin. Family crying together for a loved one to come home…

In 2015, let us remember many of our fellow humans who are struggling through life.

Tonight as we sleep in the comfort of our bed, someone out there is crying for a loaf, a drink, a blanket, and relief from pain…and, deep in the heart, the warmth of a human touch.

Whisper a prayer for them. Lend a helping hand where possible.

At the same time, reach out to the person around you. He/she has a story that has been kept in the heart for too long, waiting for a listening ear.

Reach out with some kind words, a pat on the back, an act of kindness, or just sit with him/her in silence, the most consoling music to the soul.

Someday, our children will point to our generation and say, “2015 was the year they got their act of love together. They went on a revolution of humanity to put poverty behind them and house it as a story in the museum.”

My friend, it starts with you and me.

We need one more ripple to start a tsunami of love and set the world on the right course.

It starts in 2015, from now…


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