Living On The Net

by Patrick Liew on June 20, 2011

Technology will either make or break you. Master it before it enslaves you.

I taught – would you believe? – another person how to live on cyberspace. She was a fellow ‘dinosaur’ but from an older ‘Jurassic Age’. =)

She had not totally believe in managing her business and her life on the Internet. Her excuse, “I want to keep my private life strictly private.”

Fair comment.

However, that should never stop anyone from living more effectively and efficiently. Everybody can do so by leveraging on the power of the Net.

The Internet has been evolving at a phenomenal rate. It will shortly – if not, right now – transform the way we live, work, learn and play.

If I am not improving my life on the Net, I am throwing my life out to the wind. I will be left behind.

This is a warning by a ‘dinosaur’ who has seen how the ‘Ice Age’ has not only ‘hung’ but also ‘deleted’ many life forms from the planet.

You have been forewarned!

Question: How can we make better use of the Internet?


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