Not Quitting

by Patrick Liew on July 4, 2011

In my personal file, I have two interesting letters. One of the letters is a letter of offer for a job that I applied for. The other letter is a letter of rejection for the same job.

These letters were dated in the year of 1986. Prior to receiving the letters, I had decided to pursue my career in the infocomm technology (ICT) industry.

However, I did not have the right qualification, competence and experience. I applied for every available job and was rejected for every one of them.

I did not even get a chance to go for a job interview.

When I found out that one of the top ICT companies was planning to hire a new salesperson through a head-hunting firm, I wrote to the firm. At the same time, I called the director of the ICT company.

I convinced the director that it would be worth his time to meet me. It would make a difference to the future of his company.

I came all prepared for the interview.

I was very clear about my objective and how I intended to achieve it. I had an answer for every question and assurance for every concern.

I was ready to deliver results. I was prepared to accept a low or even zero basic salary and earn my keep through sales commissions.

I would offer so much values and benefits until I become an asset to the company.

It was an uphill climb. I came back again and again to prove my worth until the director agreed to employ me as a junior salesperson.

In the same week, the head-hunting firm wrote to inform me that the position was filled without realizing it was filled by me.

Most people are sprinters – but life is a marathon.

If I am focused and I keep pressing on wisely and in the right direction, I can overtake anybody to win the race.



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