Part 1 – Happy Teachers’ Day – 5 September 2014 (Friday)

by Patrick Liew on September 5, 2014

The Chinese has a saying, 一日为师,终生为父.

What it means is that “Once you are my teacher, I owe you a debt of gratefulness throughout my life in the same way as I do to my parents.”

Teachers holds one of the most important keys to shape our destiny.

They gave us a foundation to make a living and to live well.

For example, if you can read this Love Note, you have to be thankful to teachers. They have given you a powerful gift through which you can progress in life.

Teachers inspire us to learn and to learn how to learn on our own.

They gave us the key to open the door to a new and better world.

They showed us different possibilities to a brighter future.

Without teachers, there will not be other jobs. There will not be well-run companies, organizations, governments, and society.

If there are no teachers, the world will be a dimmer place. It may even grind to a halt.

During a seminar that I once attended, Dr Ng Pak Tee, an educational leader shared with us a beautiful metaphor about teachers.

He said that teachers are like tree planters.

They plant trees so that the next generation can enjoy the shade.

Many people may not remember who planted the trees but they will be thankful to them. They can benefit from and enjoy the fruit and other parts of the trees.

Long after the tree planters have moved on, trees can play an important part in our community and environment. They can make our lives better and help provide for a brighter future.

Thank you teachers.


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