Practicing To Perfection

by Patrick Liew on October 4, 2011

“Help! Help! Save Me!”

The loud scream pierced through the stillness of the night. It quickly disappeared into the darkness.
No one was in sight.

The next time the plea for help broke out, I happened to be walking out of the gate. The last person to walk out of HSR Building again.

I quickly sprang into action, running towards the direction of the cries. As I ran into the multi-storey carpark, I saw four burly looking guys – quite clearly drunk – surrounding a pale looking young girl.

Without much of a thought, I ran towards the person nearest me. Just as he turned towards me, I leapt into the air and with a spine- chilling cry, I struck him with a Taekwondo-style flying kick.

I knocked him down – unconscious and bleeding from his mouth. He had no clue what hit him as he laid sprawling on the concrete floor.

By that time, the other three persons were surrounding me.

When the fiercest looking guy tried to punch me, I swerved. At the same time, I caught hold of his wrist.

Leveraging on his momentum, I spun him around and broke his balance – a classical Aikido move.

I then applied a Brazilian Jujitsu arm-lock and crushed into his face with my Muay Thai-style knee kick.

Just when I turned to face the remaining two persons; too late, I saw a glimpse of a beer bottle as it hit my forehead and then broke into a thousand splinters.

With blood gushing from my wound, I caught another kick and suffered a series of vicious punches on my chest.

Fortunately, my years of Iron Shirt Qigong prevented my body from being hurt. I quickly recovered from my blows.

Using a Wing Chun leg sweep, I brought one of the attackers down. I then applied a Wrestling guillotine on him before smashing a powerful karate punch onto his ribcage.

It was at that point I heard a loud motor cycle roar. Before I knew it, I felt the pain of a tyre as it rammed into my face.

I heard a loud female voice a split second later. She was screaming as if to warn me of the impending danger.

That was when I woke up from my nightmare. My daughter was hitting me with a pillow to wake me up to drive her to school. Haha!

When I was much younger, martial arts was one of my favourite themes for day dreaming. I would imagine saving the world with some forms of pugilistic skills.

You can tell I love martial arts.

Before I continue, I must clarify I am not an expert in martial arts. I am also by nature a man of peace and prefer not to get into any fights.

When I was young, I was spotted by an elderly man. He believed I have the potential to ‘lian wu’ (practice martial arts).

My ‘Sifu’ (Master) taught me in his house. I learned Beggars Kung Fu from him. (Maybe, that’s why I look like such a poor thing!)

Unfortunately, at that point in time, I could not afford the time nor have the money to travel to his place. I had to stop my training shortly.

Sigh! I could have been the better-looking (Ahem!) ‘Jackie Chan’ punching my way to Hollywood, making tons of money, surrounded by…

While doing my national service in the army, I had to practice Taekwondo. In the past few years, I have been learning Medical Qigong, Boxing, Wrestling, and Sports Muay Thai.

I am an ardent fan of Kung Fu movies. I also love to read martial arts magazines and watch others practicing their martial skills and learn from them.

I believe there are many useful lessons from martial arts that can lay a strong foundation for me to become an effective real estate leader.

Martial arts is an all rounded sports that can help me to be fit, strong and healthy. It can prevent sickness, especially those that result from living in modern society.

It is a good way to de-stress, relax, and help me sleep better. The trainings can also make me stronger, more agile, and tougher so as to better withstand challenges in life.

With more energy and vitality, I can run further and faster in the business world.

Martial arts training enables me to have a clear mind, stay calm and concentrate on my objectives. It can also help me control myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a result of the trainings, I discovered that our Creator has given me a vast potential, much of which I have not tapped for better results.

I have to acquire the right mindset, knowledge and skills to be effective in martial arts. In addition, I have to discipline myself and keep practicing until I can perform the steps competently and unconsciously.

To achieve mastery, I must have passion and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

I need to focus and prevent myself from being distracted. I must be determined to press on until I reach my goals.

These traits are definitely a ‘must have’ to be a winner in life.

Having achieved results, it can also help me develop a healthy sense of self esteem and confidence. It can also propel me to pursue the next level of achievements.

What is key to learning martial arts, to me, is character development. Without an honourable character, I will be a liability and will never be an asset – not just in the ‘jiang hu’ (martial world) but in society too.

Martial arts is never about fighting for fighting sake. It is about protecting the weak, helping the needy, and fighting for a good cause. It is about making our world a safer and better home.

Initially, I will have to learn the forms (Japanese calls it ‘Kata’). I will have to progress until my movements become formless so that it will be the perfect form. (Don’t you think I sound like a Kung Fu Master?)

In other words, when my body, soul and spirit are at their best and in total balance, I can plan and strategise correctly in every situation.

I can be flexible enough to apply the right skills and techniques. I am always prepared to change, improve, and achieve better results.

What I like about martial arts is that it is a never-ending quest for perfection.

Earning a black belt, as they say, is only the beginning and there will always be another higher and more exciting mountain to climb.

Whether in martial arts or in real estate, I will always enjoy both the destination as well as the journey,

One day, who knows, I may master the art of using ‘qing gong’ (the legendary gravity-defying kung fu) to fly from one showflat to another. Hiyah!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we practice to perfection?


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