Reflection On His Achievement

by Patrick Liew on March 23, 2015

Long ago, he voluntarily gave up political and positional power to implement a succession plan. 

He made it possible for not just one but two generations of leaders to succeed him and take the country to a higher level. 

During the process, he was always around to monitor the progress and intervene when necessary. 

He mentored the younger leaders and inspired them to live by the values that he and his team painstakingly crafted for the government and guided them to move in the right direction. 

Implementing a successful  succession plan was one of his greatest achievements.

That was not an easy feat for a great leader who has strong views about how to run the country and serve its people. 

It is especially difficult for many leaders who have been in the limelight and tasted prestige and privileges. 

Mr Lee Kuan Yew lived above these mortal men’s temptations so that our Singapore flag can fly proudly and passionately in any international arena. 

I salute you Sir!


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