Ten (10) Hats Of Winners In the New Age

by Patrick Liew on December 20, 2016

1. Champions

To survive in the disruptive future, the world needs champions who know how to lead and manage people and projects.

2. Creators

Creators who know how to produce and deliver offerings that are relevant, useful and beneficial to people or the environment will always be in demand.

3. Connectors and Collaborators

To turn plans into realities in the new age, there’s a need to know how to connect with others and collaborate with them to co-create solutions.

4. Coders

In an increasingly digital and online world, leaders of the future need to be equipped with computational skills so as to resolve problems and offer solutions through advanced technology.

5. Craftsmen

Beautiful design and aesthetics will always be in vogue. Every offering should be able to draw attention and is appealing and attractive. It should be able to touch both hearts and minds.

6. Communicators

Winners know how to persuade others to accept and be in agreement with their point of view. They influence others to appreciate and adopt their offerings.

7. Counsellors

Counsellors are needed to provide advice, consultancy, training, coaching, guidance, and other professional services to help others keep up with the times and improve their cutting edge.

8. Controllers

There will always be a need for people to ensure that countries, communities, companies, charities, and different causes are properly regulated, managed and controlled for the greater good of humanity.

Robots, drones, Internet-of Things, Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented technology, edge computing, and other forms of automated technology need to be properly managed to serve us.

9. Conquerors

The journey ahead will be fraught with challenges, conflicts and crises.

The people who survive and succeed are the ones who can persist, overcome problems, bounce back from failures, and press on to achieve desired results.

10. The compassionate

In an enlightened age, we need people who will reach out to care for others.

These people offer love, kindness and graciousness to others, and especially to the last, the least, the lonely, and the lost.

How many hats do you know how to put on?

How will you survive and succeed in the disruptive future?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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